As the President of the Association I would, first of all, like to wish all AMH members a Happy New Year and hope year 2012 will bring the best of wealth and prosperity to all our members.

I foresee the year 2012 to be a very challenging year for the haulage industry considering the various new policies that are being introduced to the industry by the Goverment. The Anti Competition Act, as an example, will now totally change the business scenario for our industry. The coming of the liberalization of the transport sector under the agreement signed among ASEAN members, as another example, will also see another great significant change to our industry.

In view of these various challenges that we will face and also the upcoming opening of the industry to its ASEAN partners, solidarity and cooperation among members will be the key words that I would like to emphasize in my 2012 opening message to all AMH members. Our operating platform will now be totally different from what we use to be doing. The battleground has now shifted to another new era thus our strategy has also got to change.

Whilst the Association will continue to play its role in highlighting all the critical issues with all the Government and Non Government Agencies, the role to be played by each and every member is also critical in ensuring that our industry continue to prosper in years to come. We should not be totally disheartened by the fact that the Association now could not indicate any more new guidelines on the tariff or the industry will in time to come have to compete with more competitors including those from our neighbouring countries. Maybe we should see that there are now more new opportunities that will exist within the threats that we will be facing.

This is now the best time for members to review thier current operation not only in terms of cost but also on its efficiency. Better still, with the  opening of the market in the ASEAN region, we should now look at the cake beyond our backyard. Maybe this is the best opportunity for us to overhaul our operation to cater the new opportunities that will exist. The globalization era is now coming and the bigger cakes that are stored within the region will be for us to tap. The opportunity is now right for hauliers to develop their business to a greater level of efficiency in other to be able to venture across our border and become international players.

No doubt the ever increasing operational cost, the acute shortage of drivers, the constant problem faced with the MT Depot Operators are some of the issues that we are currently facing and will be an obstacle to our dream, the Association will continue to highlight these critical issues with all the relevent parties and find some form of solution to cushion the haulage industry. The Association will also be launching various scheme that will support members in overcoming all these obstacles but as I have mentioned earlier the cooperation and solidarity among members with the Association are very vital now.

I would strongly advise members to attend all the meetings and gatherings that we will be organizing to ensure that we do not miss or be left out when we come up with any new programs or scheme. I would seek members' cooperation as to not leave everything to the Council Members who have been working very hard to find ways and means to improve and also protect our industry. As the saying goes "two heads make better decision that one head'. Your contribution in participating and giving new ideas for the betterment of the industry will be most welcomed. I am very sure our Council Members will welcome and support any new ideas or suggestions from members to ensure that we are venturing into the right business.

I would also seek members cooperation to invite hauliers who have yet to join the Association to come forword and become a member of the Association. The Association in trying its very best to protect and improve the sector needs the support of all hauliers so that whatever project or scheme that we paln to implement can be implemented successfully. Definitely the Association will work hard to achieve these noble objectives.

Lastly, as the President of the Association, I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the members who have contributed to the Association and again wish you all a Happy New Year and maybe also not too early for me to wish all those celebrating Chinese New Year "Kong Hee Fatt Choy'.

Thank You.



Association of Malaysian Hauliers



Association of Malaysian Hauliers or "AMH" was registered in July 2002 and approved by the Registrar of Societies in September 2002.

The idea to form an association came about with the participation of new companies in the container haulage industry as a result of the liberization of the container haulage industry by the LPKP, Malaysia. The container haulage industry was previously monopolised by 5 container haulage companies which formed "CHAM" or Container Haulier Association of Malaysia.

As CHAM membership was not officially extended to these new container hauliers, these companies felt that there was a need to form an association to have a unifying voice in representing their members to safeguard their common interest and also act as the bridge between the them and the government agencies/authorities like PKUN, LPKP, JPJ, etc. AMH will not only be the information sharing center providing beneficial assistance and consultancy to members in matters relating to the authorities but also a symbol of unity among container haulier companies. The association membership has grown from 10 to 66 companies and more are expected to join AMH.

AMH feels that the container haulage industry plays an important role in the growth of the nation's economy and the liberalization will spur competetiveness and prepare the industry to face globalization and competition after AFTA.







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